Corrections Policy for Kubiak Times

In 2017, news platforms are online and in print. Online publications are able to correct mistakes or errors right away and sometimes even before the reader sees the article. This is the opposite of print publications, which may show obvious errors.

The Kubiak Times takes pride in finding and giving the truth to its readers. A section at the top of the Kubiak Times webpage is dedicated to the corrections made in the publication. Any online submissions or articles with a correction will appear in the section labelled “corrections.” Articles that have corrections will have statements at the bottom reiterating the mistake and its correction (“because of a typography or editing error”). All printed mistakes will be reiterated at the top of page eight in the upcoming issue.

The copy editor will review the corrections before publication. For “mild” errors, any editor can make the correction but must send the correction to the copy editor to ensure the format and correction is done accurately.

Scrubbing is not an option for Kubiak Times. All errors must be reviewed and clearly stated to the reader.

The state and this newspaper run completely separate.


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